Our facilities are in need of improvement. During the 2012-13 school year, Lucia Mar engaged in a Facilities Master Plan (FMP) undertaking. Our district contracted with LPA Architects to assist in identifying needs and formulating plans and goals.

Timeline summary of activity: .
October 2013:  Site committees formed; initial site meetings conducted
March 2014:  Town Hall Meetings conducted in Arroyo Grande and Nipomo
March/April 2014:  Site plans created and reviewed with individual sites

You can see that plan HERE

An eighteen-month span of time has passed since the plans were last analyzed by school sites. ln this span of time, some of the items listed as priorities have been accomplished (some WiFi deployment, fencing upgrades, carpet upgrades, etc.). Additionally, six of our eighteen principals are new to their current site since the original FMP was created. Finally, some of our sites have since recognized additional needs/concerns.

Staff communicated to committees that, while major improvements would likely require passage of a facilities bond, some of the items on the list are attainable within our current funding structure. A narrowed, prioritized list of site needs follows this cover memo. Staff is currently in the process of developing cost estimates of the needs listed, lt is important to note that estimates of the original FMP conducted by LPA was 600 million dollars.

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Lucia Mar has many aging facilities, with thirteen of eighteen sites being constructed before our district’s unification in 1965. Our challenges were compounded when, in the summer of 1996, 20:1 class size reduction at the K-3 level was enacted by the state. Lucia Mar, like many other districts in the state, was forced to quickly build classrooms to accommodate the expansion brought about as a result. All elementary sites quickly added teachers and classrooms in a span of two years. The only feasible option at that time was to purchase portable classrooms. Currently, 571 building are utilized as classrooms in Lucia Mar. Of these 571, 228 (40%) are portables.

Portables classrooms, by some measures, are intended to have a lifespan of twenty to twenty-five years. Many of our current portables are of 1996 and 1997 vintage. While all but a few are still in adequate condition, they are nearing ‘end of life’ status. Replacing portable classrooms with ‘stick built’ or ‘modular’ classrooms needs to be a high priority in the coming years.

Following a study session, staff developed these working lists of needs and costs. These lists will change as staff and the Board continue to seek input.


Facility Needs no Qzabs 1-19-16_Page_1

Again, this is a work in process. We are continuing to work to identify the needs and the priorities at each site.