There is now Wi-Fi in all classrooms, MPRs, libraries, and other instructional rooms.

Please read the instructions for Wi-Fi in case you have connection problems.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for additional help with logins, changing passwords, etc.

District-wide Fiber and Network upgrade

The Lucia Mar Board of Education approved the district-wide upgrade of all fiber and in-wall cabling on June 14, 2016.  The project delivers a high-performance network with the capacity to provide 1:1 with Wi-Fi in all classrooms. Expected completion date is December of 2017.

Project Summary

  • Replacing 1,000,000 feet of in-wall CAT6/CAT6A networking cable. This is not a typo – one million feet.
  • Replacing 116,000 feet of fiber optic cable.
  • Replacing 20,000 networking jacks
  • 750+ Wireless Access Points have been installed and are operational.
  • 450+ new switches were installed and programmed over summer using our new network architecture.
  • All instructional spaces (classrooms, libraries, etc.) and common inside areas (MPR, gyms, offices, etc.) will get Wi-Fi.

When the project arrives at your school:  Please put away anything you don’t want custodial or the installers to move, make sure the network cabinets and jacks are unobstructed, and do what you can keep your room organized.  You will likely notice that some of your things have been moved or are slightly out of place.  The installers are doing what they can to minimize disruption, but they do need to access all jacks, even when located behind desks, cabinets, or posters.



In Progress Oceano, Ocean View, Dana

Misc. punch list items at several schools.

Target Completion (*)
All schools by 8/17/2017

Fall of 2017
Student Services, District office, OCC, Healthy Start OC, Clark Center

(*) ITS or Staff will likely notice minor omissions or mistakes. Please communicate any findings to ITS so they can be added to the punch list.

(**) Including work performed over the summer break



Help Desk Services

Please call ITS (x1000), or enter a work-order, if you need assistance with one or more of the following:

  • Resetting passwords for lmusd.org.
  • Initiating a technology purchase, such as a new computer, cell phone, or memory.
    • Actual purchase requires Principal approval.
  • Help with Aeries including Teacher.net.
  • Voicemail, including resetting password.
  • General help with technology, except as handled by FMO.
  • General help with accounts, except as handled by Human Resources.

ITS Site Schedule is found here.


HR – Accounts and Account Changes

Only Human Resources can authorize creation of accounts, including email and Aeries accounts.  Please work with HR if you need a new account or a substantive change in account privileges.  HR works closely with ITS to ensure accurate account information.

ITS can help reset passwords and provide assistance with logging in.


FMO – Phones, Bells and Alarms

Facilities and Maintenance (FMO) is responsible for the following services:

  • Alarms
  • Bells and bell schedules.
  • Telephone:  new lines, moving of lines, wiring changes in rooms, extensions, and programming of the phone displays.
  • Computer Networking:  additional jacks, relocation, etc.
  • Radios and programming of radios.



Lightspeed Content Filter

Lightspeed can at times block pages that appear appropriate in a K-12 environment.

To understand why a particular page or site is categorized as it is, please see Lightspeed’s Categorization Database.

Please review our FAQ for more information regarding the Lightspeed Content Filter:  FAQ


Software Center

Please read ITS Microsoft Software Center

If your computer was upgraded to Windows 7 and you’re “missing” applications, they can be installed via the Software Center.  Alternatively, please enter a work order and we’ll install it for you.

For more extensive documentation of Software Center and how to install updates, please see this guide:

How to_use_Software Center


 Web Sites

The district’s main web site at www.luciamarschools.org and www.lmusd.org is managed by the Superintendent’s office.  Please contact the Superintendent’s office regarding this web site.

The school websites are managed by the individual schools.  Each school has chosen who locally manages their web site.  It is typically a Librarian, a School Technology Assistant (STA), a Secretary, or a Teacher.  Please contact the office at your school to determine who manages the web site for your school.


On July 29 2014 Charter stopped broadcasting analog TV.  This means that the TV in your classroom only works as a display for a DVD or VCR.  In most cases, projection of a DVD from a computer is the better approach.  Please do not put in work orders to have broadcast TV turned back on – that’s not possible.