Year End-Of-Life (“going … going …”)
Recycle Bin (“… gone”)
Current Status
 Any device 10+ years old
  • Desktops: GX50, GX60, GX260,GX270,GX280, GX520,
    GX620, GX745, GX755
  • Laptops: All C and D-Series Latitude and older
  • iOS devices on iOS6 or earlier
School year 2016-17
  • Desktops: GX760
  • Laptops: TBD
  • Any device 10+ years old
Previous year’s “Recycle Bin” and “End-Of-Life”
School year 2017-18
  • Desktops: TBD
  • Laptops: TBD
  • Chromebooks:
  • Any device 10+ years old
 Previous year’s “Recycle Bin” and “End-Of-Life”
School year 2018-19
  • Desktops: TBD
  • Laptops: TBD
  • Any device 10+ years old
Previous year’s “Recycle Bin” and “End-Of-Life”



  • End-of-life:  The devices provides miserable and frustrating performance.  Parts are not available and device is not serviceable.  Typically the computer is 10+ years old.
    • Action:  Device is allowed to run “as is”.  It will not be serviced, moved, or re-imaged – it will be removed if service of any type is required.
    • Suggestion:  Replace now.
  • Recycle Bin:  The device is no longer capable of operating on the district’s infrastructure, and cannot be upgraded to do so.
    • Action:  Device is removed and recycled.


Please note:  The Lucia Mar Board of Education has provided additional funding to replace older equipment. During the 2015/16 school year ITS is actively working to replace and then recycle all Optiplex GX 745, GX 755, and D-series Latitude laptops.

Commonly Asked for Ed-Tech


 Item  Summary Description  Est. Price
Desktop Computer HP or Dell Desktop $620
Chromebook 11″ Chromebook $222
36 Chromebooks with Cart 36 Chromebooks plus Charging Cart $10,000
Chrome Box Wired Chromebox Without Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor $185
Display TV – 65 inch  Display TV, Mount, Cables, Graphics Card $1,900
Display TV – 55 inch Display TV, Mount, Cables, Graphics Card $1,400
Monitor 22″ Monitor $275
Light Printer HP LaserJet $270
Color Printer HP LaserJet Color $375
Projector Casio $890
Doc Camera AverVision USB FlexArm $165

 Important Notes:

  • Tax (7.75%) and Shipping not included.
  • These are estimates – all prices subject to change.  Ask for firm pricing using the work-order system.
  • Wi-Fi and network upgrades:  The network is being upgraded district wide.


Display Comparison Chart

The following chart identifies the general differences between Commercial and Consumer type displays.




Commercially rated usually with multi year on-site for LCD & plasma. When consumer displays are used in a commercial environment, the warranty usually reverts to 90 days over the counter requiring the display to be shipped back or taken in to a service center for repair.

Burn-in & Image Retention Technology

Features extensive advanced anti burn-in & image-retention features Only standard features.

Public Display Security Features

Usually incorporates measures to protect controls in a public environment including locking of front panel and IR remote. No control locking


Typically include VESA compliant standard mounting connections to complement standard industry mounting devices. Not all consumer products are VESA compliant.May need special optional mounting brackets. Third party mount compatibility is questionable.

Landscape and Portrait Display Orientation

Most models built to do both landscape and portrait modes. Portrait modes are typically not available with consumer grade models.

Heat – Operating Hours

Designed to withstand long operating hours with thermal characteristics built in the internal design for proper heat dissipation in both portrait and landscape modes. Commercial plasma displays typically incorporates additional fans to dissipate heat. Designed for limited time operation with the intent of long off times. Not appropriate for 24-hour use.

Compatibility with PCs

Designed specifically for compatibility with PCs and AV standards. Designed for compatibility regarding TV/video but can support PC usage.

Backlight & Grayscale

Most will produce a full grayscale with good linear color tracking from black to white showing all 255 different levels of luminance (brightness). This is recommended for the diversity of PC applications. Grayscale is skewed for more of the bright white end of the grayscale producing more vivid saturated color associated with TV/ Video motion.

Internal Scalier/Algorithm

Most models recognize all PC resolutions including wide formats and different refresh rates (1024X768@ 60, 72, 75, and 85HX) in addition to TV/video resolutions. Most are designed specifically for TV/video formats with very limited PC resolutions.

Connector Interface

Most models Include standard RS232 external control/ connector, PC and video loop-through connector capability regarding multiple display configurations from a signal PC or video source, and industrial BNC locking connectors. Most do not offer external display control/connector, video loop through capability or multiple display configuration capability. Do not offer BNC connectors.



Schools and/or the district will at times be offered used computers (“surplus”) by local businesses or families as donations.  For donated computers to be supportable they must be essentially identical to models currently in use by the District.  The Board of Education has approved additional funding to modernize the district’s technology infrastructure, and a key element of that is to replace legacy (“older”) equipment with new. The target is to replace computers on a 6-year cycle.

Specifically, for a donated computer to be supportable/acceptable:

  • The donated computer must be essentially identical to a make and model currently in use by the District.
  • The donated computer must preferably be no more than 4 years old, and under no circumstances more than 6 years old.

Before accepting any donations, please work with ITS to ensure that the donated computers are supportable.

Any donation must first be approved by the ITS department and then accepted by the Board of Education.  No exceptions will be made.

Technology Plan

Lucia Mar USD California Department of Education approved technology plan:

CTAP LMUSD Tech_Plan Rev 6 – CDE Approved