Employees are encouraged to continually assess their work environment for hazards, inspect their tools and equipment before use, be aware of other safety issues and report any problems in writing to their supervisor utilizing a Safety Concern/Suggestion form located here:
Safety Concern – Suggestion Form

Safety Committee Request Form
Safety Committee Request Form Click Here

Please report any safety hazards to Cindy Naber, immediately.
Denise Bailey – Administrative Assistant
Office: 805-474-3000 ext 1032
Fax: 805-473-5594

The District Safety Committee and School Insurance Program for Employees (SIPE) are working together to provide employees with an opportunity to win Miners Gift Cards for those employees that participate in the districts safety incentive program. The objective of having a safety incentive program is to increase employee awareness of safety while reducing the direct and indirect costs of accidents and injuries. The goal of the program is to increase employee awareness of safety issues and procedures.

Approximately each month a link to a fun safety quiz will be emailed to all district employees. Employees that answer all the questions correctly will be entered to win. Winners will be selected by the district safety committee using a random number generator.

For more information please contact Denise Bailey at ext. 1032.

SIPE- Schools Insurance Program for Employees

Originally called the Self Insurance Program for Employees, the joint powers authority was established in 1977 to service the self-insurance system for workers’ compensation claims against member agencies. The SIPE Board of Directors established a risk management research and development committee which functions in the areas of safety and loss control. The goal is to provide service and a quick response to member needs.  This is a brand new website, but you do NOT need to set up a new account.
Click here for SIPE’s website

Click here to learn more about online training.

Video Loan Library

Click here fore more information about the Video Loan Library.

Worker’s Compensation and Employee Leaves

Click here for more information about Worker’s Compensation and Employee Leaves.

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Employees are responsible for following safe work practices and procedures as referenced in the document below. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with this document.

Injury and Illness Prevention Program