Negotiations Update

In an effort to improve communication with employees regarding the negotiations process, the District has added this segment to the Human Resources Development webpage to share updates as they occur.


We met on February 10th to negotiate with the Lucia Mar UnifiedTeachers Association (LMUTA). We are pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement. The process moving forward will be for the members to first ratify the agreement. Following that, the agreement will be taken to the Board of Education for final approval. We are pleased to have worked in cooperation with the LMUTA negotiation team on an agreement that will continue to help us make progress on compensation relative to our neighboring districts. If approved the adjustments to compensation will bring the total four year salary increase to 15.05%. This is a full 2.61% higher than the next highest district in our county (Templeton at 12.44%). The agreements will also improve the ability of the district to recruit and retain the highest quality teachers. The tentative agreement calls for a 3.75% increase to the base salary schedule, retroactive to July 1, 2016, adding steps 15, 19, and 23 to the salary schedule in 2017-18, an increase in recognized service credit from 7 years to 10 years, extra duty hourly pay tied to Class 1, Step 1 effective July 1, 2017, adjustment of Golf Varsity Head Coach on the stipend schedule, changes to the way that special education teachers can use the late start/early out time, an increase of sub release time to RSP and SDC teachers from 5 to 7 days, new parental leave language, a new evaluation tool reflective of the current CSTP’s, and the formation of a joint special education study committee that will make recommendations to be considered by the parties during negotiations for 2017-18.


The CSEA Team of Mike Thomas, Bryan Hagwood, Deanna Teixeira, Carrie Hickman, Raquel Lujano, Pete Maratas, Jonathan Rodriguez, Paula Tillema and Lacy Gillespie met with the District team of Chuck Fiorentino, Andy Stenson, Ron Walton, Allan Havemose, Sharon Harwin, Rhonda Seybert and Laurel Goins for negotiations today. CSEA, it’s Chapter #275 and the District are pleased to report that a Tentative Agreement has been reached which will further our mutual interest in providing a competitive compensation package. Under the agreement, the base salary for members will be increased by 3.25% retroactive to July 1, 2016 We look forward to the opening of formal negotiations for the 2017-2020 Successor Agreement soon. CSEA membership will have an opportunity to vote on ratification of this agreement and should be looking for communication from President, Mike Thomas soon. If ratified, the Tentative Agreement will then go to the Governing Board for approval. We hope this comes as welcome news to everyone. We continue to appreciate the mutual partnership that results in the improvement of the lives of students, staff, and the community.   Chuck Fiorentino Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources   Mike Thomas Chapter President, Lucia Mar 275, CSEA  


We met on January 26th to negotiate with the Lucia Mar Teachers Association (LMUTA) today. The District presented the latest information on the Governor's proposed budget which contains less funding for schools than was expected. We were able to come to a tentative agreement on Parental Leave and made progress on an updated certificated evaluation tool reflective of the current California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP's). The parties exchanged several proposals. The District's offer is for a 3% salary increase retro-active to July 1, 2016. It also includes language allowing Special Education teachers additional time on late start Mondays to conduct their professional duties. Even though the District's offer is a reflection of the Governor's current budget proposal, it still meets our goal of increasing salary, incrementally over time, in comparison to our neighboring districts. Attached is a summary of compensation settlements for districts in San Luis Obispo County based on data from the County Office of Education. The data demonstrates that over a four year period, Lucia Mar has committed to increase teacher salaries to a greater extent than any other district in the county. The District's 3% salary offer for 2016-2017 would bring the four year total of salary increases to 14.30%. This is 1.86% higher than the next highest district {12.44% / Templeton). We discussed many different options on how to move further toward a final agreement for 2016-2017. We will be meeting again on February 10.


We met to negotiate with the Lucia Mar Teachers Association (LMUTA) today. The LMUTA team included Bill Ridge, Donna Kandel, Tami McGuire, Tricia Lubin, Cody King and Ken Stevens. The District team included Chuck Fiorentino, Andy Stenson, Ron Walton, Ian Penton, Sarah Butler and Todd Goluba. We shared explanations of each other’s initial proposals. LMUTA presented a proposal on salary, hours of work and health and welfare benefits. The District presented a proposal on evaluation procedures and discussed interests in the area of health and welfare benefits. Both parties agreed to consider a proposal on parental leave in compliance with a recent change in the law. In response to LMUTA’s proposal, the District agreed to collect and prepare data to present at our next session. The District is studying the impact of the Governor’s January budget proposal and agreed to present a compensation proposal at our next scheduled bargaining session on January 26.