2016-2017 Current Employee TB Test Renewals

If you are a current employee/substitute with the District and have been notified of an expiring TB certification for the 2016-2017 school year, the District is offering renewals to those individuals.  The TB Schedule can be found here.  Please be advised that it is your responsibility to renew your TB certification at one of these dates and times.  If you do not renew your TB certification at one of the dates and times provided free by the District, you will be responsible for obtaining a TB renewal on your own at your own cost.

TB Renewal Testing Dates for 2016-2017


The Substitute division of the Human Resources department functions as the primary source for all certificated and classified substitute employee activity.  It provides information related to requesting and assignments for day-to-day, long-term, and tutors for the District.  It also is responsible for all personnel transactions for substitute and on-call positions within the Lucia Mar Unified School District.

Services Include:  Aesop operations for all employees

Report an Absence/Request a Substitute

Aesop Employee Access:  Aesop Online – Employee

Substitutes – Find an Assignment

Aesop Substitute Access:  Aesop Online – Substitute

Instructions to Enter an Absence

All absences must be reported in the Aesop system.  Effective July 1, 2015, the Human Resources Department will no longer be using paper-copy absence slips for verification of absences.  All absences reported into Aesop that have been approved and reconciled electronically at the site/department level will be considered final and recorded in the employees’ master record.

How to Enter an Absence Tutorial –  Click Here:  Aesop Absence Tutorial

Beginning Employee Aesop Tutorial – Click Here:  Aesop Employee Beginner Training

Advanced Employee Aesop Tutorial – Click Here:  Aesop Employee Advanced Training

Employee User Guider – Click Here:  Aesop Employee User Guide

Need Help?  Click Here:  Aesop Online Help

Aesop Administrator Login Only

Aesop Administrator Access:  Aesop Online – Administrator

Information Regarding Approval Process of Absences – Click Here:  Aesop Approval Process Information

Absence Feedback Information – Click Here:  Aesop Absence Feedback Information

Campus User Guide – Click Here:  Aesop Campus User Guide

Campus User Training Course – Click Here:  Aesop Online Training Course


You must register with Aesop prior to obtaining assignments or requesting a substitute.

SUBSTITUTES:  If you do not register – Aesop will not contact you for assignments.

For More Information Please Contact Human Resources

Linda Bottrell, Human Resources Clerk
Extension 1199

Aesop Hours of Operation:  6:00 am to 2:30 pm

Please note:  Due to the number of emails and phone calls received daily, please allow up to a 24 hour window for a reply.  We thank you for your patience and understanding!

Additional Information and Documents Available

Substitute Teacher Handbook 2016-2017

Certificate of Clearance and Substitute Teachers 2016-2017

Sick Leave For All – Health Families Act – Policies and Procedures Effective 7.1.2015

Substitute Teacher New Hire Packet

Substitute Teacher Hire Packet 2016-2017

Health Benefit information for Variable-Hour Employees may be found here:  LMUSD Health Benefits 2016-2017