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Destination Imagination is a STEAM based academic competition which teams solve a single long-term project in the field of science, technology, fine arts, improv, engineering, or community service. It helps teach students the skills needed to succeed in school, their careers and beyond. At the February 24, 2018 tournament, more than 150 participants in grades K-12 competed.  


12 Lucia Mar teams finished in 1st or 2nd place, granting them the opportunity to compete at state in April.  Lopez High also won the Spirit of DI Award for overcoming challenges and obstacles with grace and embodying the DI Spirit.

Challenge (1st and 2nd placed teams qualify to compete at the State DI Finals)


Elementary Level:

           2nd Place – Grover Beach Elementary: “Yes And”

           Middle Level:

           2nd Place – Grover Beach Elementary: “Children Who Broke Into My Home”

           Senior Level:

           1st Place - Arroyo Grande High: “We’re Working On It” (Shannon & Joe Hurtado's team)


Middle Level:

           1st Place – Harloe Elementary: “Super Awesome Science Alliance”

Senior Level:

           1st Place – Lopez High School: “An Explosive Headache”

Spirit of DI Award: For overcoming challenges and obstacles with grace and embodying the DI Spirit – Awarded to: Lopez High “An Explosive Headache”

Fine Arts:

Elementary Level:

           2nd Place – Harloe Elementary: “Easy Cheesey’s”


Elementary Level:

1st Place – Shell Beach Elementary: “Terrific Talking Turtles”

2nd Place – Lange Elementary: “The Terminators”

Middle Level:

1st Place – Judkins Middle School: “Mega Ultra Lightning Dragons”

2nd Place – Harloe/Shell Beach Elementary: “The Dragon Narwhals”


           Elementary Level:

           2nd Place – Shell Beach Elementary: “The Burning Sun of the Cool Kids”

Project Outreach (community service):

           Senior Level:

           1st Place – Arroyo Grande High & MCP combo team “PINK” (paid for independently, two

students are from AG High, one from MCP)

Rising Stars! (these are the K-2nd grade participants and they do not compete but present their solution)

  • Shell Beach Elementary: “Shark Club”
  • Lange Elementary: “Golden Graders” - Picture attached
  • Branch Elementary: “Little Neat Candy Crushers”