2020 LMUSD CUPCCAA Registered Contractors List

2020 LMUSD CUPCCAA Registered Contractors List

General Contractors & Sub-Contractors

as of August 4, 2020


ACH Mechanical Contractors, Inc. 


Advance Painting 


Amavisca Construction


American Incorporated  


Apodaca Paving, Inc. 


ASM Electric 


Best Contracting Services, Inc. 


Blum & Sons Electric, Inc. 


Brough Construction, Inc. 


Color New Company 


Core Contracting, Inc. 


Dave Bang Associates, Inc. of California 


Diani Building Corp


Digital Networks Group, Inc. 


Doug Ross, Inc. dba Central Valley Asphalt


Electricraft, Inc. 


Foam Experts Roofing, Inc.


G.F. Garcia & Sons, Inc. 


Gold Coast Electric, Inc. 


Golden State Sealing & Striping, Inc.


HPS Mechanical, Inc. 


J. Noble Binns Plumbing Company, Inc. 


J.R. Barto Heating, Air-Conditioning, Sheet Metal, Inc. 


James A. Quaglino, Inc. dba Quaglino Roofing


JNE Concrete, Inc. 


John Madonna Construction Company, Inc. 


K McCall Construction Company, Inc. dba McCall Plumbing 


Maino Construction Company, Inc. 


Mark Schwind Electric, Inc. 


Marseilles Plumbing 


Nations Roof


Newton Construction & Management, Inc. 


Oliveira's Fashion Floors, Inc. 


Papich Construction Company, Inc. 


Park Associates, Inc. dba Park Planet 


Pre Con Industries, Inc. 


Pro Coatings


Quincon, Inc.  


R. Baker, Inc. 


R. Burke Corporation 


Raminha Construction, Inc.


Rossi & Carr Electrical, Inc. 


RSH Construction, Inc. 


S. Chaves Construction, Inc. 


Santa Maria Acoustical Company, Inc. 


Santa Maria Electric, Inc. 


Seamair Construction, Inc. dba Seamair General Engineering 


Silver Creek Industries, Inc. 


Smith Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing 


Solutionz Video Conferencing, Inc. dba Solutionz, Inc. 


Specialty Construction, Inc.


Taft Electric Company 


Tech-Time Communications, Inc. 


Thoma Electric, Inc. 


Todd D. Phillips, Inc. dba Buildings Unlimited


Tomar Construction, Inc.


Tony Painting 


Toste Construction, Inc. 


Toste Grading & Paving, Inc. 


Vernon Edwards Constructor, Inc. 


Yoda Painting, Inc.