Facilities, Maintenance, Operations » 2021 LMUSD Pre-Qualified Contractors

2021 LMUSD Pre-Qualified Contractors


General Contractors & Sub-Contractors

as of August 20, 2021



Alpha Fire Unlimited 


AMG & Associates, Inc.


ASM Electric 


Avidex Industries, LLC 


Best Contracting Services, Inc. 


Blum & Sons Electric, Inc.


Boneso Brothers Construction, Inc. 


Brough Construction, Inc.  


Cambria Plumbing, Inc.


Carroll Development, Inc. 


Charles Pankow Builders Ltd.


Culbert Construction & Plumbing, Inc.  


Deep Blue Integration, Inc.


Digital Networks Group, Inc.


Edwards Construction Group Inc. 


Electricraft, Inc. 


Fire System Solutions, Inc. 


Harris Construction Co., Inc.  


HPS Mechanical, Inc.


J. Noble Binns Plumbing Co., Inc. 


J.R. Barto Heating, Air-Conditioning, Sheet Metal, Inc. 


K McCall Construction Co., Inc. DBA McCall Plumbing


Kinyon Construction, Inc. 


Knecht's Plumbing and Heating, Inc. 


Koehler Plumbing, Inc. 


Mark Schwind Electric Incorporated 


Maino Construction Company, Inc. 


Marseilles Plumbing 


Newton Construction & Management, Inc. 


Ocean Air


Pre Con Industries, Inc. 


PUB Construction, Inc. 


Quincon, Inc. 


R L H Fire Protection Inc. 


Raminha Construction, Inc. 


RDZ Contractors, Inc. 


Robbins Reed, Inc. 


RSH Construction, Inc.


S. Chaves Construction, Inc.  


Santa Maria Electric, Inc.


Schreder & Brandt MFG. Inc.


Seamair Construction, Inc. DBA Seamair General Engineering 


Silver Creek Industries, LLC


Smith Mechanical-Electrical-Plumbing  


Solutionz Videoconferencing, Inc. DBA Solutionz, Inc. 


Specialty Construction, Inc. 


Taft Electric Company


Tech Time Communications, Inc. 


Valley Unique Electric, Inc. 


Vernon Edwards Constructors, Inc. 


Whittle Fire Protection