District Updates

March 9, 2022


As a follow-up to our February 28 communication, we would like to remind you that based on updated guidance from the state, face masks will no longer be required at schools effective Saturday, March 12, 2022. Masks remain strongly recommended.


Staff is required to follow the requirements of Cal/OSHA which has also aligned with the State and County public health masking guidance. Therefore, masks for staff will also become strongly recommended at the end of the day on Friday, March 11, 2022.


We understand and respect that there are differing perspectives regarding mask wearing. It is important for parents and students to discuss their family’s expectations for mask wearing at school. We remain committed to fostering supportive school environments where we respect individual choice for those who choose to continue wearing masks and those who choose not to wear masks. No student or staff member should endure criticism or mistreatment for their choice to wear or not wear a mask at school and such behavior will not be tolerated.


Lucia Mar will continue to follow other COVID-19 precautions and guidance, including frequent hand washing, enhanced ventilation, cleaning and disinfecting practices, and case tracking. Face masks will continue to be provided upon request. Volunteers will not be required to be masked per health guidance, and our processes and testing requirements for volunteering will remain unchanged.


Please continue to monitor for symptoms and remain home when sick. Students and staff are advised to take a COVID-19 test if exhibiting symptoms and/or if they have a known exposure to COVID-19.  If you are in need of a COVID-19 test kit, additional test kits are available from the government: https://www.covidtests.gov/ as well as a limited number at our school sites.


  • We will continue to track reported positive cases and provide daily updates to our COVID-19 Dashboard.
  • If your student exhibits COVID-related symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19, please continue to have them stay home and follow current isolation protocols.


Changes to other COVID-19 health and safety protocols will remain an evolving process. We will continue to update you as additional State and County guidance changes, and as we reevaluate and assess our District protocols in response to those changes.


Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support as we transition into a new phase of living and learning with COVID-19.