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Student Services and Special Education Administration and Office Staff

Position Ext.
Quam, Tisha Director, Special Education 1150
Pierce, Linda
Director, Student Services Custodian of Records
504 Coordinator
Handy, Jennifer Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources (Title II/ADA Coordinator) 1190
Dwight, Marilyn Supervisor, Clerical Services, Records 1150
Anderson, Gretchen Secretary II 1152
Baker-Nottingham, Sally Student Services Technician, II 1155
Cerda, Rolando Translator / Interpreter 1160
Sixto, Lupe Student Services Technician, III 1153
Rinehart, Tracy Student Services Technician, I 1154
Holmes, Kelsey Secretary III, Student Services 1170
Student Safety & Support 
Vander Weide, Brent Coordinator, Student Safety & Support 1110
Horoshak, Heidi Secretary IV, Student Safety & Support 1110
FIT/Bright Futures 
Bruse, Wendy Coordinator, FIT and Bright Futures 1227
Cuevas, Rubi FIT Support Coordinator 1228
Pacaoan, Anna-Liza District Nurse 1148
Epley, Cameron AGHS  2193
Frederick, Cindy Branch, Harloe, LHS 1158
Howell, Maria Fairgrove, Ocean View 1178
Lockwood, Claire Grover Beach, Shell Beach, PEP 1156
Ravera, Chrissy Paulding, Mesa 1179
Rose, Barbara Oceano, PVA 1185
Weston, Rebecca NHS/CCNTH 3230
Stater, Kate Dana, Nipomo Elementary 3230
Holden, Maeve Grover Heights, Judkins 1157
Wierenga, Rayna Lange, PVA 8062
Wagner, Christina Counselor's Secretary AGHS 2030
Dickens, Jim AGHS 2033
Mosqueda, Yusdivia AGHS 2036
Onato-Molina, Joanna AGHS 2035
Penton, Cristel AGHS 2034
Hirase, Shannon NHS 3251
Hawley, Jess NHS 3260
Meloncon, Aaron NHS, Dana, Lange, Nipomo El 3257
Dominguez, Bernie LHS 7570
Ortiz, Laura CCNT 3971
Wozniak, Jami Judkins 4678
Scorby, Jill Mesa 4270
Lewis, Jill
Mesa, Grover Heights, Lange, Shell Beach 8017
Dominguez, Rebecca Paulding 4374
Chitwood, Melissa
Branch, Fairgrove, Ocean View 8409
Watkins, Erin Grover Beach, Harloe, Oceano 8305