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Volunteers & Fingerprinting

Volunteer Fingerprinting Fee Alert – Effective July 1, 2017

School Volunteer Program

School volunteers enable the teachers to provide students with additional instruction and enrichment activities by providing volunteer assistance.  Volunteers are viewed as adult role models to students who can provide new and thoughtful experiences throughout their educational program.  Volunteers can assist in classrooms for special functions, help supervise field trips and after school functions, and drive students to and from school functions.


Parents, students, and community members may volunteer who fulfill the mandatory volunteer requirements established by the Lucia Mar Unified School District.

  1. Complete a Volunteer Data Form for each school site you wish to volunteer.  The form is valid for the current  school year only.
  2. Attach a Tuberculosis Clearance with your Volunteer Data Form.  The tuberculosis clearance must be within a six-month period prior to beginning in a volunteer assignment.
  3. Contact Human Resources to be fingerprinted for Lucia Mar and processed by the Department of Justice (Fingerprints from the police department and SLOCOE are not accepted.) 

Fingerprinting is $50.00.

Appointments are available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Walk-ins are not available.  Due to the volume of calls received all appointments must be made online.

Generally, processing time for fingerprints to clear is 3-5 business days. However, if someone has a prior conviction on his/her record it may take up to 30 days or longer.  All volunteers in any capacity must have all of the prerequisites completed and on file with the Human Resources Office.

Volunteers/Prospective employees who have a felony conviction will not be eligible to serve as a volunteer or be employed.  Volunteers/Prospective employees who are currently on formal or informal probation will not be eligible to serve as a volunteer/employee until the probationary period has been completed.  Parents and/or guardians are not prohibited from being active in their children(s) education; however, they may be limited in volunteer capacities due to prior convictions and/or probationary periods.


To make an online booking for fingerprint appointment please select a date/time below, and complete the form when prompted. Appointments reflected in the calendar are first-come, first-serve and automatically updated as appointment slots become available.

If you have a felony conviction or are currently on probation (formal/informal) you will not be allowed to volunteer or be employed in any capacity with the District.

You will receive a confirmation email once the booking is complete.

Each year Student Services provides two screening dates, generally once in the beginning of the year and one mid-year. These are provided at no cost to you. However, if you need to have a T.B. screening or skin test done outside of the dates scheduled, you can have a T.B. clearance or test done at MedPlus, CHC, your personal physician, or the county health department. Most outside agencies charge approximately $20.00 for a T.B. screening.
Chantelle Holley, Human Resources Receptionist 
Extension 1196
Linda Bottrell, Human Resources Clerk 
Extension 1199
Linda Stewart, Human Resources Technician/Custodian of Records (Verification of Fingerprint Clearances Only)
Extension 1193