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Walk-on & Volunteer Coaches

The Human Resources department continuously seeks to hire qualified walk-on coaches, band assistants, and extra-curricular activity supervisors.

California Education Code Section 44919 requires school district to hire current certificated staff in walk-on coaching positions prior to any other individual.  If a coaching position is not filled with a LMUSD certificated employee, the position can be filled with another individual.

Information on How to Become Employed as a Coach
  1. Complete necessary application requirements on Frontline.
  2. Participate in a selection process with Athletic Directors and/or Supervisors.
  3. Contact Human Resources to receive a “new hire” packet.
  4. Contact Human Resources to complete fingerprint clearance requirements (SLOCOE/DOJ prints not accepted).
  5. Submit proof of a valid Tuberculosis test to Human Resources.
  6. When all items have been completed above, your name will be submitted to the School Board for approval.
  7. Once the School Board has approved your hire, you will be notified that you are cleared to begin working as a walk-on coach, band assistant, or extra-curricular activity supervisor.
  • Individuals who serve as walk-on coaches, or assist with the drama and band programs are not considered consultants and must be employed by the school district as an employee.
  • Fingerprints typically take 3-5 business days for processing time.  However, if someone has a prior conviction on his/her record it may take up to 30 days or longer.
  • If an individual has a previous felony conviction they will not be able to work for the Lucia Mar Unified School District.
  • If you perform any services (work) for the District prior to being cleared, you will NOT receive a paycheck until you have completed all required items.
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