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The Lucia Mar Unified School District Board of Education implemented a Program of Study as a component of the requirements to graduate from high school.

There are four options under the Program of Study:
College-University, which has students focus on the completion of coursework to enter a four-year university directly from high school;
College-Career in which students complete three-year long courses in a specific industry sector that provide students with a good understanding of the work environment and educational requirements for progression and success in a particular career, and which leads directly to college studies or entry into the workforce;
Specialized Programs such as Central Coast New Tech High School are designed to give students a unique educational experience in a small setting that is not available on a comprehensive high school campus
Individualized Program which allows students to design a course of study not available through university or career preparation pathways to meet specific educational and post-secondary goals.

As vocational education evolved in the 21st Century, it became known as Career-Technical Education (CTE). Business owners, trade union leaders and educators came together to change how occupational and technical subject matter was delivered in high school, college and technical training environments. This resulted in the need to develop robust and rigorous curriculum provided in a cyclical continuum that engages participants in the most common tasks and skills required in a broad umbrella of employment opportunities within a specific industry sector. High School Career Pathways provide the first three years of instruction and skill development in this scenario. Our pathways are being designed so that students will be able to gain at least one industry certification, or equivalent skill measurement, to provide a competitive advantage in the job market. Additionally, curriculum will coincide with community college career certificate and associate degree programs in same/similar industry areas and in some cases allow students to earn college credit for their coursework while still in high school. This will shorten the time it takes students to earn post-secondary degrees/certificates and enter the skilled workforce.

The conceptual development of world-class career pathways for the Lucia Mar Unified School District is off to a good start. The programs we create are an investment in the future of our students, teachers and community. The future looks bright.

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