Health & Wellness

Lucia Mar Unified School District employs nine school nurses who serve our students. The goal of the nursing team is to recognize and reduce any health barriers to student learning, decrease absenteeism, and promote optimal student health and safety.







Hearing screenings are conducted in the fall for grades 1, 2, 5, 8 & 10 and all students with IEP or speech services. Check with the school nurse or site secretary to determine the date for your school.


Vision screenings are conducted in the fal for grades TK, K, 2, 5, 8, & 10 and all students with IEP or speech services. Check with the school nurse or site secretary to determine the date for your school.


Dental screenings are conducted in winter/spring for grades K, 3, 5.


Color Vision screenings are conducted in the spring for all primary students that have not yet received color vision clearance. 






Please continue to monitor for symptoms and remain home when sick. If exhibiting symptoms, students and staff are advised to take a COVID-19 test ASAP. If using an antigen (at home) test, take another test in 2-3 days to confirm the results. If you are in need of a COVID-19 test kit, additional test kits are available at our school sites.


  • Please report to the secretary or school nurse.

  • Student will need to stay home for 5 days from when symptoms started (or test date if no symptoms). If symptoms are improving (with no fever x 24 hours without medications), the student is released from isolation on day 6. There is no longer a requirement to test negative to return. Students must wear masks from day 6 to day 10 unless they test negative x 2 consecutive days on and after day 6.



If you have a known exposure to a confirmed COVID-19-positive individual, you may continue to attend school/work without symptoms. It is recommended you test 3-5 days post-exposure with an antigen test.


New Immunization Law: SB 277
• Effective July 2019

• No longer permits personal or religious immunization exemptions for children in childcare and public or private schools

• Permits personal exemptions submitted before Jan. 2016 to remain valid until a student reaches the next grade span (Kindergarten or 7th grade)

• Removes immunization requirement for students in: Home-based private schools or Independent Home Study with no classroom instruction.

• Allows for Medical Exemptions ONLY by an MD/DO. The MD/DO need to indicate 1.) The circumstances for which the vaccinations are not indicated (i.e. immunocompromised due to cancer treatment 2.) Which vaccination are exempt 3.) Whether the exemption is permanent or temporary and if temporary the expiration date
• Requirements for TK are the same as Kindergarten
• Conditional entry is for children who are current in immunizations but need more. Once they receive their 1st round of immunizations they can start. Their records will be monitored monthly. 
• Homeless students are subject to the same requirements but will be admitted without the required immunizations. All resources will be used so they can get their immunizations ASAP
Please contact your school nurse with any case by case questions
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