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Over the past several years, it has been the intention of the Lucia Mar Unified School District to allow parents to have as much choice as possible in selecting which school best meets the educational needs of their children. When the 20:1 class size reductions were eliminated two years ago, this provided the district with more flexibility in class sizes at the K-3 level, and also freed up some classroom space. While we must always balance the value of parental choice with the spaces available at our schools, there are a number of factors impacting our district that will cause fewer transfers to be granted than in prior years.

The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) is a new way of calculating school district revenue received from the state. Under LCFF, California school sites are required to progress toward an average class size not to exceed 24 students in Transitional Kindergarten through 3rd grade (TK-3), in order to avoid harsh funding penalties. Lucia Mar USD is working toward this goal and is closely monitoring class sizes at all elementary schools. Enrollment numbers are reviewed daily.  For grades 4-6, California Education Code specifies average class sizes district-wide. This means that each TK-3rd classroom has a firm cap on the number of seats available, while 4th-6th grade classrooms have a firm average we must hit district-wide.

Additionally, many sites are very limited by facilities. Most of our schools do not have empty classrooms to house new classes at any grade level. Each elementary and middle school has a firm cap on the total number of students who may be enrolled. Our curriculum and instruction division is working closely with principals to honor as many transfer requests as possible, while abiding by the firm regulations required by the state.

Any questions regarding transfers should be directed to the Curriculum Department, at 474-3000 x1098.

Transfer Priorities by Board Policy

1) Harmful or Dangerous Circumstances; students at a school classified as “persistently dangerous” by the state, victims of a violent criminal offense or as determined by the Superintendent or designee.

2) Medical Circumstances; as determined by the Superintendent or designee

3) Homeless/FIT; students who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence

4) Students of LMUSD Employees(INTRA); students whose parent or guardian is a LMUSD employee and residing in LMUSD boundaries

5) Students of LMUSD Employees(INTER); students whose parent or guardian is a LMUSD employee and residing outside of LMUSD boundaries

6) Siblings(INTRA): siblings of students already in attendance at that school


En los últimos años, la intención del Distrito Escolar Unificado Lucia Mar ha sido permitir que los padres tengan toda la variedad posible al seleccionar la escuela que mejor se adapte a las necesidades de sus hijos.  Cuando se eliminó la reducción del tamaño de clases 20:1 hace dos años, esto permitió que el distrito tuviera más flexibilidad en los tamaños de clases del nivel K-3, y también abrió algo de espacio en los salones. Aunque siempre debemos equilibrar el valor de la opción de los padres con los espacios disponibles en nuestras escuelas, hay muchos factores que afectan a nuestro distrito que causarán que se concedan menos transferencias que en años pasados.

La Fórmula de Financiación de Control Local (LCFF) es una nueva forma de calcular los ingresos que recibe el distrito escolar de parte del estado. Bajo LCFF, las escuelas de California deben pasar a un tamaño de clases que no exceda 24 estudiantes desde Kinder de Transición hasta el 3er grado (TK-3), con el fin de evitar duras sanciones financieras.  El Distrito Escolar Unificado Lucia Mar está trabajando para lograr este objetivo y está vigilando muy de cerca los tamaños de clases en todas las escuelas primarias. Para los grados 4-6, el Código de Educación de California especifica que los tamaños de clases sean promediados en todo el distrito. Esto significa que cada salón de TK a 3er grado tiene una capacidad firme en el número de lugares disponibles, mientras que los salones de 4to a 6to tienen un promedio firme que debemos alcanzar en todo el distrito.

Además, muchas escuelas están limitadas por las instalaciones.  La mayoría de nuestras escuelas no tienen salones vacíos para acomodar clases nuevas, en ningún grado. Las escuelas que están más fuertemente afectadas por los requisitos de espacio y de tamaño de clase  son la Escuela Primaria Ocean View, Harloe, Dana, Grover Beach, Shell Beach, y la Escuela Intermedia Paulding. El resultado es que cada escuela primaria y escuela secundaria tiene una capacidad firme en el total de estudiantes que puede ser inscrito.  El departamento de currículo e instrucción está trabajando muy de cerca con los directores para honrar la mayor cantidad de solicitudes de transferencia posibles, y a la vez respetando las normas firmes requeridas por el estado.

Cualquier pregunta relacionada con transferencias debe ser dirigida al Departamento de Currículo, llamando al 474-3000 x1098.

Procedural Guidelines

  • Per California Ed Code, all other transfer applications shall be subject to a random, unbiased selection (lottery).

  • No student currently residing within a school’s attendance area shall be displaced by a transfer from outside the attendance area.

  • Once enrolled as an INTRA-district transfer, a student shall not be required to apply for readmission. INTER-district transfers shall reapply each year.

  • Transfer students may be subject to displacement due to excessive enrollment (before Oct 15), lack of academic progress, poor attendance, dishonesty regarding residence or poor discipline. All transfer students will sign an attendance and behavior contract.

  • Once a transfer has been offered the family has 24 hrs to accept or decline.

  • Granting of transfers is NOT based on parental employment(except for LMUSD employees) or child care arrangements

  • With the exception of students whose guardian is an employee of LMUSD, transfers of students who reside in LMUSD boundaries(INTRA) shall have priority over students who reside outside of LMUSD boundaries(INTER) unless approved by the Superintendent or designee

  • If a student with a pending transfer request does not attend their neighborhood school on the first day of school their transfer will be void unless prior notification of the absence is given

  • Once a transfer is accepted all other transfer requests to all other LMUSD schools are cancelled

  • Transfers for kindergartners and new enrollees will not be accepted until all registration paperwork is turned in to the neighborhood school.


In rare instances transfer students may be bumped back to their neighborhood school due to overcrowding caused by an influx of neighborhood students. Bumping order is determined by length of attendance at the school. Transfer students who have attended the school for the least amount of time (based on original enrollment date) will get bumped first.

No transfer students will be bumped by new neighborhood enrollees after Oct 15 of their second full year of transfer enrollment

Students who move outside of their neighborhood school area may remain at the neighborhood school as a transfer student. It is the family’s responsibility to inform the neighborhood school of any change of address as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in a denial of the transfer request.


February 1, 2023 Transfer request forms available for the following school year

March 17, 2023 1st window closes for Grades 7-12

May 1, 2023    1st window closes for Grades K-6

August 4, 2023  2nd window closes for Grades K-12

Monday before School Starts Information on the status of transfer requests for Grades K-6 are available by this date

October 15 No student on transfer will be bumped back to their neighborhood school except for poor attendance, behavior, lack of academic progress, or dishonesty with regards to their residence address

October 15 Transfers will not be offered after October 15

Parents with questions should call Curriculum Admin Asst Nancie Brooks at 474-3000 Ext 1098
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