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Facilities Master Plan

Purpose of Facilities Master Plan

The purpose of a comprehensive facilities master plan is to provide the district with a clear direction and identify current and potential resources for facilities improvements. In Lucia Mar, we are at a point where most of our facilities are approaching the end of their useful life. Moreover, our district has set forth on an ambitious goal to be the 21st century leader in education. Having such antiquated facilities and a desire to be a technological leader creates a perfect storm related to the need for facilities planning.

The Plan

Q & A Regarding the Plan

Why do a Facilities Master Plan?
It is imperative that our educators and community members drive the facility improvements for the district. The FMP incorporates everyone’s feedback into a comprehensive plan that will provide direction and a clear understanding of all available resources we have to improve our facilities district-wide.

Who is involved?
Teachers, parents, administration, local agencies, and classified staff are all involved.

What are the limitations in our planning?
The goal of the Plan is to capitalize on our existing facilities as well as lay out improvements based on current and potential resources. While not everything in the plan may come to fruition in the next 5 years, it will give everyone a clear look as to what our facilities vision is and help us prioritize how to implement it.

What are our goals in planning?
Many of our facilities need to be modernized. Instead of being reactive to problems as they arise, we have the opportunity to be proactive and develop a Plan that incorporates our community’s values.

When will the Plan be complete?
The plan was completed in May 2014.

Now what?
We begin implementing the improvements by prioritizing as funding becomes available.