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Bus Tracking System

If you are interested in getting a notification of your child/children school bus arrivals, sign up for the School Bus Hub notification service.

Create an account with School Bus Hub
1. Access the website
2. Select Create an Account
3. Enter School District (Luc will pull up Drop down menu) Select Lucia Mar Unified School District
4. Select School (First 3 letters of the school name will pull up Drop down menu)
5. Enter the child’s Student ID and Date of Birth
6. Create Username and Password for Parent/Guardian. You can create multiple users for each student. You can set up to receive email or text messages or both.
7. Hit the Submit button and an email will be sent confirming your account.
Using School Bus Hub with a web browser
1. Log into SBH with your web browser. Your student will display on the Home Page. (1 st student entered will show) If you have
additional students click Add Child button and provide the above information for each student.
2. To see Bus Location and Bus Stop Information, click Map in the Left navigation tree. 1 st student will be displayed. To switch students, click the student’s name along the bottom.

Using School Bus Hub with a Mobile Device
1. Download the School Bus Hub app to your smartphone from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
2. If you have not created an account, see the above steps to create an account.

Using School Bus Hub - The Map
The pickup, drop-off locations, and the bus location symbol will appear on the map when the bus is on the route. When the map is selected at other times, it displays the location of the device accessing the map.