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Emergency Preparedness

Lucia Mar Unified School District is continuously planning and preparing for emergencies that could interrupt the school day for students. We want to make sure that you are fully informed of our Emergency Operations Plan.

Emergency Contacts:

IMPORTANT: At the beginning of every school year you receive a lot of forms to fill out, the online registration or Homelink account includes your emergency contact information. It is VITAL that we have accurate contact information for you, so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.


You will be contacted via text, email, phone, and push notification in the Lucia Mar App. School staff will stay with your child until you, or an adult you previously authorized can pick up your child. When you arrive at the school, staff will help you properly sign your child out.


Students may be moved to another location to provide better and more direct care. This decision will be made by the district administration and emergency personnel based on current conditions, including the building safety and the duration of time that students may need to remain in the care of school staff. If relocation is necessary, schools will alert parents letting you know where your child is being cared for. This information will also be posted on the district’s website and shared with the media.

School Site Emergency Plan

School sites plan how to respond and recover from an emergency, disaster, or event resulting in the disruption of normal school operations.

The district and our emergency responders work together to conduct district-wide trainings and update every school’s safety plan. Your school’s emergency plan may be viewed in the school’s main office.

If your child has special needs that require additional assistance in an emergency, you can work with school staff to develop an individualized emergency plan.

ALICE Training

ALICE trainingOur staff is trained by certified trainers in ALICE protocols and practice.  Active shooter response training provides students and staff with effective response options in the event of an active shooter situation. No single response fits all active shooter situations. However, making sure each individual knows his or her options for response and is prepared to react decisively can save valuable time and help minimize the loss of life.

Lucia Mar's District Safety Plan